Our Research

Scientific research has been at the heart of every breakthrough we’ve made in the fight against HIV and in order to stop HIV we need convenient, safe, and effective prevention options. As we search for innovative solutions to guide HIV prevention, we continue to conduct clinical trials of promising strategies to understand their effectiveness and safety across different populations at risk for HIV infection.

Groundbreaking research—the kind we need for HIV—must include diverse participants from all parts of the community. Although many research projects lack critical community voices, HelpFightHIV.org and Bridge HIV are committed to inclusive research studies. We must be at the table to make sure we are served well! Our fight against HIV is focused on achieving health equity for all so our research must be too.

Our innovative research is focused on helping fight HIV through several strategies, so whether it’s an HIV vaccine, a new way to do HIV testing or a new pill to prevent HIV, the goal is the same.

But, we need your help. Check out our current studies below and volunteer today!


We are currently enrolling the following studies:


Mosaico is a global study testing 2 HIV vaccines to see if it protects transgender people and cis-gender men who have sex with men against infection with HIV.

The study will enroll HIV-negative transgender individuals and cis-gender men, age 18 to 60, who have sex with other cis-gender men or transgender people, and have chosen not to use Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV infection.

Participants will receive four injections over the course of a year, assigned to either the vaccines or placebo. Total time in the study will be at least 30 months. Eligible participants receive $75-$125 per study visit and HIV testing and counseling.

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    PrEP Cohort was created to evaluate the care of patients who choose to take PrEP and collect samples to evaluate how they take their medications. In this study, the researchers will be asking you questions related to risk factors for HIV infection and pill taking. We will also collect blood, urine, and hair for storage; these samples may be used to measure PrEP medications levels in the future to assess how regularly you are taking PrEP drugs or in other research related to HIV and PrEP.

    Participants will come in every 3 months for the first year, and twice a year after that. Eligible participants will receive $75 per study visit.

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      The PrEP-3D study will pilot an online PrEP delivery service using Alto Pharmacy. Participation in the study involves downloading the Alto Pharmacy app to your phone and using their services to get your PrEP delivered to your home.

      The study will last three months. Before you start taking PrEP, you’ll complete (free) home HIV/STD testing and a remote medical evaluation. During the study, you will complete two online surveys and an interview so that we can learn more about your experiences. All of your study visits will take place online or remotely.

      Spanish only speakers are eligible to participate. Undocumented folks are also eligible, regardless of immigration status or country of origin.
      Participants can earn up to $150 if they complete all study procedures.


      Active studies related to HIV cure science (including therapeutic vaccines) are conducted by our AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) partners at the Positive Health Program at the University of California, San Francisco.

      Their studies range from strategies to address HIV-associated inflammation, innovative antiretroviral therapy treatment including regimen simplification / injectable medications, and optimization of treatment for complications related to co-infections. In addition, they have active research in tuberculosis and viral hepatitis (both hepatitis B and C) for people living with or without HIV.

      For more information about actively enrolling studies, please call or text Dan Berrner at (415) 535-9495 or email him at daniel.berrner@ucsf.edu.